2014 and My Family

It’s been a year since we moved back to Saudi and I am happy to say I have been able to maintain my positive outlook all year, even though its been a rough transition.

I pray that 2014 will be easier and a lot more fun for all of us. I will make a conscious effort to keep my positive outlook and channel good vibes at home and anywhere I go. I will smile more, make faces with my kids more and laugh more. We love to take well-known tunes and make up nonsense words to go with it, we’re going to have fun more. I’ll plan more activities for us to do to minimize the kids screen time and increase the quality time they have with us. I will read more, for myself and with my kids. We’ll try to eat rainbows of fruit and vegetables everyday, and walk and run more. We’ll explore our city and find out what it has to offer as extracurricular activities for us to engage in. We’ll keep in touch with our friends more and encourage the kids to be more social. I’ll lead by example and show them how to be nice to each other and other people too, and do things to make them happy just for the sake of a thank you or an appreciative smile.

Copyright Archie Comics

Copyright Archie Comics

2014 here we go, please be nice to us too!


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Common Sense Parenting for Healthy Happy Families in Saudi Arabia

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